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Insurance Investigations

Our Insurance Private Investigators are prepared to assist Insurance Companies and other interested parties in these often difficult cases. Our Private Detectives have experience obtaining useable evidence assisting Insurance Companies in a range of investigation types.

Insurance Investigations


We have a qualified and vetted team of former Law Enforcement, Specialized Private Sector and U.S. Military personnel with years of experience investigating nearly any type of case imaginable. Every case we take follows an investigative plan with a requirement to obtain legally sufficient information that can be used as evidence in any level of legal matter or proceeding.

GreenVets is fully registered, board licensed, bonded and insured to operate anywhere in the State of Texas, with a Headquarters just outside of McKinney. We have a second office in Plano servicing most of our Collin County Clients and we do work in most areas of North Texas or beyond in certain situations.


Our Full Service Private Investigations Firm can provide support to Insurance Companies dealing with fraudulent, false or frivolous claims associated with:

  • General Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Insurance / Workers Comp Claims (AOE / COE)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance / Death Investigations
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Property Insurance
  • General Accident Claims
  • Auto Insurance
  • Casualty, Bodily and Serious Injury Claims
  • Transportation, Cargo Theft and other Logistics Claims
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance

In today’s ever-connected world, there are entire websites, forums, blogs and other online media dedicated to people looking to avoid or subvert investigations into their Insurance claims. This has created an even more challenging environment for Insurance Companies and Private Investigators working to prove or disprove suspicious and frivolous claims. Our personnel are trained to look at every case and determine the best way to get Insurance Companies the information they need for a successful outcome.
Insurance Investigations 1

We are also prepared to:

  • Carry out specific and tailored Investigations requested by an SIU.
  • Conduct claimant monitoring and activity checks.
  • Source of income and employment research, including unreported income checks.
  • Conduct Undercover Investigations.
  • Preform overt and covert disability checks.
  • Travel anywhere in the world to support your case. Our team is experienced operating in permissive environments, semi-permissive locations and hostile areas of operation. Whether your case takes us to Rome or Kuwait City and even to Afghanistan, we will support your requirement. Our International Investigations team can handle any case.

When we receive a case, we’ll ensure all Insurance Company requirements are met. Our investigators will be aware of specific Insurance Company requirements and adhere to them throughout our investigation. Our Licensed Professional Investigators will:

  • Review all information provided by the Insurance Company.
  • Direct any pre-investigation questions to the SIU if necessary.
  • Pull reports from secure intelligence resources.
  • Analyze online presence and document questionable activity for the final report.
  • Incorporate Financial Investigative methods or conduct Asset Investigations.
  • Conduct research to determine if any of the parties involved made previous insurance claims or have been involved in potentially relevant civil or criminal cases. This can include full Background Checks on the subject or associated parties.
  • Conduct Surveillance of the party in question as required. Be prepared to take high quality photographs and record high quality video of the subject. Our surveillance is as effective outdoors and from a distance as it is indoors in publicly accessible locations such as grocery stores, home improvement stores, community events, streets and other locations.
  • Identify, Locate and Interview any individuals with potential knowledge of party’s activities, abilities or other relevant information. Identify if these individuals may be sympathetic to the interests of the Insurance Company. During this step, we are careful to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation. This could include speaking to current / former co-workers, neighbors, or other persons with knowledge of the subject.
  • Prepare detailed report of findings in a format or template required by Insurance Company.

Technology has been a major boon for Insurance Companies in their efforts to combat fraud and false claims. We agree and have found the best investigations happen when our personnel combine technological knowhow with solid Human Intelligence. Ultimately, we produce results.

Insurance Investigations 2

Our professionals are trained to uncover various forms of fraud and deception. Years of work on a variety of case types have prepared them to combine these skills and make the most of your relationship with our company. Our personnel look for:

  • The mechanics of the submittal of a potentially false insurance claim. Were they witting or unwitting and can it be proven? Did a suspect submit valid information and then later decide to commit insurance fraud or were they preparing to commit fraud from the very beginning?
  • Were situations staged to alter the truth? This could be the case in a staged house fire, auto accident, personal injury, break-in or other related claims. Is someone who carried life insurance actually still alive?
  • Has there been collusion between two or more parties in order to make a false claim?
  • Are claims exaggerated and how to prove where the line is in favor of our client’s interest.
  • Was information hidden to further a false claim.

Our Investigations Team is directed by two former Credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agents. Our Private Investigators exceed the number of hours of continuing education required by the State of Texas. Additionally, our company believes in the power of Research and Analysis.


Our Headquarters is staffed with dedicated and full time Analysts who remain in constant contact with our personnel in the field. This two-way communication allows for the passage of available intelligence and leads between the parties. Our Analysis Chief was an All-Source Analyst for the United States Army and has her Master’s Degree in Library Science.


While there are obvious differences between Insurance Fraud and other Civil and Criminal cases, many of our Insurance Investigations run a similar path to Trial Preparation we carry out for Attorneys and Law Firms. Our commitment to our Insurance Clients is every bit as serious as the work we carry out for the Legal Community.

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Please contact us via phone or e-mail to speak with one of our Licensed Professional Investigators. We operate in the aforementioned areas, but work most often in McKinney, Plano, Carrollton, Richardson, Addison, Allen, Lewisville, The Colony and surrounding communities. We serve the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex with pride.