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Witness Location

Legal proceedings and cases have many moving parts. Typically, multiple pieces of evidence come together to decide the final outcome; however, testimony or statements from a key witness can make the difference. Our Private Investigators have extensive experience in locating people.

Whether it’s an expert Witness or a critical eyewitness, you need their testimony to guide the matter to successful resolution. Often a case may hinge on the statement or testimony of a Witness who is completely unaware they know the information or are aware someone may be looking for them. Whether complex testimony or a one sentence alibi, you need to find your Witness and secure their testimony. Our Private Detectives have years of experience conducting these types of Witness Location Investigations.

We understand Attorneys are extremely busy. As you put together your case, take a moment and secure our services to assist in locating important Witnesses. We make your job easier. Some witnesses would be perfectly willing to assist in your case, while others may become evasive and avoid attempts to secure their assistance.


Evasive witnesses may fear for their safety or hold allegiance to a competing party. Regardless, our Licensed Professional Investigators will work to ascertain their location, contact information and provide an assessment on the viability of securing the witness to testify or make a statement.


Our Firm hires personnel with specialized training from Law Enforcement, the Military and certain relevant Private Sector fields. Our training and vetting program was developed and is maintained by two former Counterintelligence Special Agents. All GreenVets team members undergo extensive background checks and complete more hours of continuing education than required by the State of Texas.

GreenVets is fully registered, board licensed, bonded and insured to conduct both Private Investigations and Private Security operations in the State of Texas. We carry significantly more insurance than required by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Regulator Services Division and the Private Security Bureau.

When we assign a Witness Location Private Investigator to your case, they will only be dedicated to that task and will work through a comprehensive investigative process to locate your Witness. Our field operations are supported by dedicated All-Source Analysts who combine Human Intelligence from our Private Detectives with data obtained from secure online sources. Surveillance may be a necessary part of a Witness Location case. We must verify records and other information pointing us to a final witness location.

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Once we locate a Witness for you, we also offer Witness Interviews and Vetting to further assist in the completion of your Trial Preparation.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience via phone or e-mail to schedule a time we can speak about our Witness Location services. At your request, we can send a Licensed Professional Investigator to your office to discuss further.

Our Witness Location Private Investigation services are available anywhere in Texas, but our primary focus is in North Texas and the counties surrounding the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Our Headquarters office is located near McKinney, Texas and we also have a second office in Plano servicing multiple Collin County clients. Our Private Detectives spend significant time each day traveling to Frisco, The Colony, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Addison and beyond.