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Witness Interviews and Vetting

Witness Interviews and capturing witness statements is an important part of Trial Preparation and Pre-Litigation. Vetting the credibility and viability of the actual Witness and the statements they make can prevent major frustrations during legal proceedings. We offer services for Witness Location, but believe what happens after finding a Witness is even more important. Our Private Investigators have years of experience in interview techniques and discovering the ground truth.

Witness Interviews


Our Private Detectives are trained to spot signs of deception during an interview and then uncover the truth. Why is the witness lying or being deceptive? What does this mean for your case? Our interview and vetting process has been used for clients around the world and ensures you get the answers you need.


As required, we can work with Legal Offices to ensure witness statements and potential testimony are consistent with the facts of the overall case. How would the Witness testimony impact the proceedings? This starts to get into the area of overall Trial Preparation.

It’s not just discovering deception in Witnesses, but it’s getting to the core of what they know. Most Witnesses, and many investigators, fail to understand how much information witnesses have that has previously been left covered up. We uncover this information so you can use it.


Witness Vetting can be an important aspect of Trial Preparation and Pre-Litigation. Who are they? What is their history? We’ll run full Background Checks on witnesses and then take steps to verify this information is credible. We know Attorneys want to see the full picture to prevent any broadsides during legal proceedings.

The Witness Interview and Vetting Investigator we assign to your case will meticulously work to make sure all information collected is documented properly and then recorded officially in reports. We are experienced in taking written statements, audio statements and also can work with a legal office to conduct video depositions.


We are sensitive and responsive to any special requirements you may have regarding how interviews are conducted and / or recorded. Our Licensed Professional Investigators have excellent verbal, written and memorization skills.

One Example: While our personnel’s’ report writing skills are highly refined, we can arrange non-recorded interviews with no notes. In the past, we have been asked to conduct Witness Interviews without any formal records. Our Investigator can then speak directly with our Attorney so he or she may record details in their own personal case notes.


GreenVets can interview the Witness at one of our office sites, the Attorney’s office or a third party location anywhere in Texas or beyond. Our Firm’s Headquarters is located northeast of McKinney, Texas and we also have an office in Plano servicing most of our Collin County clients. Please reach out to us if you have a requirement in North Texas, including the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. While we do operate in most counties around the DFW area, we operate frequently in Plano, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, Addison, Carrollton, Lewisville, The Colony and others.

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Our Firm hires from Military, Law Enforcement and some specialized Private Sector areas. When you secure our services, you can be assured of a professional response and we are always confidential. GreenVets is board licensed to operate across the entire State of Texas. We are bonded and insured multiple times the amount required by Texas Law. Protecting our client’s interests is a priority.

Please contact us via phone or e-mail and a Licensed Professional Investigator can discuss providing Witness Interview and Vetting Services to your Law Practice. We think you would enjoy working with our team.