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Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations, while a very specialized investigative field, can be used to support nearly any type of Private Investigation offered by our Full Service Firm.

Our Private Investigators are true professionals who come from a diverse set of backgrounds and all walks of life. These aren’t men and women who have lived sheltered lives. Our Investigators are hired to improvise, adapt and overcome.

We are problem solvers and bring this flexibility to Undercover Operations supporting your case.

Undercover Operations

Our Private Detectives bring undercover experience from previous employment in Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military. We are fully capable of conducting Undercover Operations supporting, but not limited to:

Undercover Investigations can often be most useful in cases where a business or corporation needs to protect its interest, identify criminal activity or protect itself from potentially damaging litigation.

Our team can work with your Human Resources and Security Section to conduct a custom investigation that will hold up as third party and independent evidence in a proceeding. We are an unbiased party and will provide you the facts of the case.

In domestic, family and personal cases, an Undercover Operation can lead to that one piece of evidence you need to put a difficult and painful legal process to rest. Whether it involves custody or money owed to another party, family matters can get contentious. Our job is to assist you and your legal representation in your case.

Our Firm is registered, board licensed, bonded and insured to operate throughout Texas. We operate with the highest standards in integrity and professionalism. Our Private Investigators will always work to prevent doing anything unethical or illegal to compromise your investigation.

Our job is to provide you the information and evidence you need to solve your problem and Undercover Operations are just another tool available to us.

Undercover Operations 1

Our investigative leadership’s experience with the Counterintelligence field and working with a host of Federal Agencies has uniquely prepared our company to respond to your requirements.

Our Headquarters outside of McKinney is a base from which we serve clients across North Texas. While we operate in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, our second office in Plano serves most of Collin County. We field Licensed Professional Investigators in the communities of Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Addison, The Colony, Lewisville and Carrollton. If you require the services of an Undercover Private Detective, please contact us via phone or e-mail.