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International Investigations

International Investigations can encompass nearly any of the categories covered on GreenVets website. Our Private Investigators are diversified across multiple specialties and are capable of taking your case and solving it anywhere in the world.

International Investigations


Every single member of the GreenVets Private Investigations team is a world traveler and has spent years traveling overseas. We specifically hire for this class of Private Detective. Not only this, but our personnel have varied experiences in their international travels.


Our Licensed Professional Investigators have handled complicated cases across five continents and these have ranged from permissive and friendly areas to semi-hostile and hostile environments. Our investigators are comfortable in Paris or Rome, but have also handled cases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Personnel from our firm worked and lived in the red zone of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Overseas Investigations can be very difficult as the investigative resources at our disposal are often more limited and information is much more challenging to obtain. Technology still plays a significant role in these cases; however, the human touch is often required to truly breakthrough for our customers.

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Our personnel have worked with host nation law enforcement personnel in dozens of countries around the world. We have experience successfully reaching out to security, military and intelligence personnel in many countries to ensure our objectives are met.

In some countries and in many cases a direct approach to foreign security personnel may not be the answer. In these cases, an investigator will take a very low key approach to pursuing the information required in a case.

Often, we will consult with our client and then retain the services of a local professional to assist in the successful completion of a case. The professionals are vetted and qualified, usually through trusted international organizations.

While GreenVets personnel speak a wide variety of languages, we understand the importance of communication and are well versed in working through interpreters.


Since we hire from Specialized Private Sector Fields, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military, GreenVets is capable of managing a dynamic cross-section of cases in nearly any region of the world. Our Investigators are also culturally sensitive and very aware of their surroundings when operating internationally.


We take local customs into account and are always respectful of the people we engage with during our travels. Whether dealing with customs personnel or local shop keepers, our team members are well prepared and, most importantly, have years of experience in these types of situations.


When working in foreign countries, there are numerous hazards to be taken into account and track in order to protect our client’s interests and also keep our personnel safe. Our priority is protecting your confidentiality and ensuring any information we collect during our mission is protected and also retained for use by our clients.

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You will notice a consistent theme in our Firm and that is the understanding we must adhere to industry best practices to ensure our clients can use any and all information we provide to them in our final reports. When we serve you abroad, you’ll be confident the results will be fully admissible in civil and criminal proceedings.


Our International Cases follow a specific set of operating procedures developed by our diverse team. Our former Counterintelligence Special Agents have developed tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure we deliver a positive outcome to our customers. Our methodology in handling your case will cover all necessary bases and ensure we get the information you need.

As we mentioned before, International Investigations can span a wide array of investigative specialties. The following are just a few areas we can support:

One of the things we emphasize with our clients looking for worldwide support is the importance of domestic investigative activity supporting international operations. Most international cases usually require some field work in the United States prior to moving the operation overseas.


We advise you on the most effective way to cover your bases domestically to save as much time and money as we can during our travel. This is part of our promise to always keep costs as low as possible.


Many firms highlight the ability of their investigators to collect information in the field and we believe this is truly important; however, the analysis of this information and production of high quality intelligence is often overlooked.


Our analysts are the best in the business at gathering data from all sources and creating comprehensive product for our customers. The work they do on our transnational cases has separated us from the competition for years.


Many people are hesitant to take the next step and initialize an international investigation. If you have questions or concerns regarding the feasibility of a project such as this, please reach out to us.

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If you need our support, please contact GreenVets as soon as you can via telephone or e-mail to start your free and private consultation. You will be speaking with one of our licensed and qualified professionals. If you need to speak with us in-person, we can schedule you an appointment to speak with us at our Plano, Texas office. In some situations, we may work with clients at our secure facility in North Texas, just outside of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Area.