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GreenVets is a Full Service Private Security and Investigations Firm dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience every time. We get people out of difficult and dangerous situations while employing compassionate and professional personnel. Our Private Investigators are prepared to assist with any case in the State of Texas or Internationally.

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GreenVets Security and Private Detective corps has been recruited from the most elite members of Law Enforcement, Specialized Private Sector Fields and the U.S. Military. We operate with confidentiality, integrity and diligence in all that we do. Multiple GreenVets personnel have held Top Secret security clearances for over 15 years and have successfully completed mandatory polygraph examinations. Our nation trusted us with their most important secrets and so can you.

Our personnel have thousands of hours of experience in their specialized fields and have conducted real-world operations both domestically and worldwide. We operate from Texas to Dubai and everywhere in between.

GreenVets senior managers have had the privilege of working with the best and brightest in both Military and Law Enforcement fields. Our personnel have been entrusted with briefing U.S. Ambassadors, National Law Enforcement Leadership, Theater Military Commanders and the National Security Council.

We specialize in collecting and analyzing information, then ensuring it is usable by our clients. We do this for our Private Investigations in Texas and in providing first tier fusion and operational support to clients overseas.

Multiple team members have backgrounds in Human Intelligence collection and two of our senior leaders were Credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agents in the U.S. Military.

Our interpersonal skills are combined with cutting edge technology to provide the very best security and investigative solutions to our clients.

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GreenVets personnel have trained, advised, assisted and mentored numerous military, police, security and intelligence organizations and personnel in multiple countries around the world. We are skilled in foreign languages and also highly adept at working through interpreters when needed.

Our personnel have conducted in-depth operations and direct liaison with the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, NCIS, OSI, DCIS, SIGAR, U.S. Army Counterintelligence, U.S. Marine Corps Counterintelligence and the DIA. We have also worked closely with the Justice Department; U.S. Attorneys; U.S. Special Operations Command, including Navy SEALs and other special operations personnel; and U.S. Central Command.

Many people focus on the operations and the exciting aspect of Law Enforcement or Military operations. People want to see and hear about the door getting kicked in, the bad guy getting taken down, or the bomb being dropped. These are important things, but here at GreenVets we realize it takes both elite intelligence and operations to deliver the best services. Our personnel have been recruited to maximize this balance between elite field operations and first rate intelligence support.

John Lawyer

John Lawyer – Owner:

John is the majority owner of GreenVets and a former Special Agent in the United States Army. He had the vision of forming the company to bring together a broad array of talents to serve the needs of our customers in North Texas and around the world. John has spent much of his career working in both semi-permissive and hostile areas of operation. This has given him a global view and broad understanding of military, security and investigative activities. John’s business and investigative operations have taken him to four continents.

As a Licensed Professional Investigator, John is dedicated to providing exceptional Private Investigation Services to the State of Texas. He has prepared his team to service your requirements with the utmost professionalism and dedication to your needs. John’s background in Counterintelligence, Asymmetric Warfare and Special Operations has enabled him to bring together one of the most elite teams in the Private Security and Investigations industry in Texas.

He spent over ten years deployed on the ground supporting combat operations in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. During that time, John was recognized as an expert in specialized counterintelligence activity, fusion analytical support and the execution of precision asymmetric warfare.

John pieced together the intelligence and led a surveillance operation leading to one of the largest narcotics seizures in the world. He was instrumental in developing cutting-edge doctrine adopted by the US Air Force leading to the successful suppression of insurgent elements targeting a major strategic U.S. asset.

JP – President and CEO:

JP coordinates sensitive investigative, security and intelligence operation for GreenVets from our Headquarters in North Texas and around the World. He has coordinated a wide range of operations and investigations for us in Central America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

JP served for approximately 9 years in the U.S. Army as a fully Credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agent. He speaks Russian and, following his honorable discharge from the Army, was hired as a security specialist at a major U.S. Air Base in Afghanistan.

During his time in South Asia, JP was the Deputy Project Manager for the main security contract supporting NATO operations at the base. While handling this multi-million-dollar contract, JP managed the day-to-day operations of 12 investigators, 12 linguists, 10 biometric specialists and 4 administrative staff, while interacting with every aspect of the project from customer service and operations to construction designs and working directly with multiple NATO Military Personnel from a number of nations. He was involved in the strategic and overall contract management for these operations.

JP is regarded within the intelligence community as an expert in Counterintelligence and Total Base Defense Operations conducted in hostile environments. He has developed proven methodologies and tactics that have led directly to the neutralization of multiple high-value targets in the War on Terror. Intelligence collected and analyzed by JP has been used at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

During his time in South Asia, JP engineered groundbreaking tactics used to conduct specialized asymmetric warfare targeting specific insurgent elements presenting a unique threat to U.S. and NATO forces there.

JP has been the lead in conducting critical liaison with a host of Law Enforcement both domestically and overseas. His calm demeanor and resolve in hostile situations have led to his appointment in dealing with senior leaders in both security and government organizations.

JP has specialized in looking at the associations between terrorism, organized crime and other criminal elements in the financial world. His ability to link fraud to violent and destructive criminals has led to the neutralization of multiple hostile actors for our customers.

U.S. Department of Defense Counterintelligence Team of the Year

Our leadership laid the groundwork and set the policy leading to our team in South Asia being awarded the U.S. Department of Defense Counterintelligence Team of the Year in back to back years for 2011 and 2012. This was a worldwide competitive award.

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Dorothy is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE from ACFE), a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF from NACVA), a Licensed Private Investigator, and a Licensed CE Instructor (TX PSB). She has conducted traditional fraud investigations and financial forensic engagements, deploying sophisticated methods to determine whether indications of fraud exist, to prevent fraud, and to assess the risk of fraud in an organization. In addition, Dorothy’s unique background enabled her to pioneer investigations in cryptofraud, frauds perpetrated with the use of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ether, or others. She has developed hybrid investigative approaches that blend traditional investigative methods with digital forensic expertise and is available for expert witness testimony in complex disputes where these issues arise. Dorothy’s area of expertise extends to Complex Commercial Disputes, including Oil and Gas cases. Dorothy’s experience as an expert witness has uniquely prepared her to support important litigation and assist in detailed trial preparation.

Hiram – Chief Security Officer:

Hiram is a risk mitigation specialist and keeps both GreenVets and our clients safe from internal and external threats. Our customers expect confidentiality and we provide this while protecting the integrity of their information.

Hiram has spent considerable time deployed to hostile combat theaters in support of U.S. and Coalition Military operations. He is a Chinese Speaker and has been trained and fully certified in the U.S. Army’s Electronic Voice Intercept Operator course, the Counterintelligence Agent course, the Joint Humanitarian Operations course and the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector Course.

In addition to advanced intelligence collection operations, Hiram is an expert in both physical security and force protection. He’s been the primary officer responsible for the safety of hundreds of lives in an assortment of deployed combat environments. This includes daily combat sorties in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa. These operations have prepared Hiram to handle a variety of logistics, travel, convoy and other associated issues.

At each of these locations, Hiram was the primary interface between intelligence personnel, operations personnel and the protective services detail responsible for each organizations Executive Protection operations.

As a Chinese linguist, Hiram has extensive knowledge of the U.S. Pacific theater of operations. Hiram spent considerable time in the Horn of Africa supporting U.S. counter-terrorism operations in the region. Hiram’s year in Iraq and over two years in Afghanistan have given him unique insight and experience within the intelligence and operations fields.

Hiram is a creative thinker and brings an important dimension to the GreenVets board of executive officers. Hiram spent a year on the Afghanistan / Pakistan border at one of the most important border crossings in the region. This familiarized Hiram with ground re-supply operations and trans-national shipping. Hiram’s previous experience in the construction industry has been a welcome addition to the company.

Hiram has worked on security, intelligence and investigative operations in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, The Balkans, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.

Stacie – Analysis Chief / Senior Investigator:

Stacie leads our fusion center and intelligence team responsible for in-depth research and analysis. Her responsibilities include seamlessly integrating information and intelligence into our day-to-day field operations and ensuring all of our clients receive first-tier results. She was an All Source Intelligence Analyst in the United States Army and has a Master’s Degree in Library Science.

Stacie’s team provides support and critical input to nearly every case we work and supports nearly every one of our clients. While our company has emphasized hiring only the most elite personnel for field operations, we consider our analytical staff to be equally important. Intelligence can and does drive operations. Stacie’s efforts lead to a more streamlined system ensuring our customers receive results more quickly and with more precision. This enables us to deliver results on time and in the most affordable manner possible.

Stacie’s background with in-depth intelligence and security research in support of asymmetric and conventional warfare adds a critical dynamic to GreenVets suite of services. Our Fusion Task Force operations and methodologies have been proven successful in multiple areas of operation and Stacie’s expertise and attention to even the smallest detail have ensured hostile actors were effectively mitigated.

Our team members have accomplished some amazing things during their careers. Stacie was responsible for piecing together and flagging the intelligence leading to the first major arrest of a terrorist outside of Afghanistan in the War on Terror. She helps our clients find information, analyze it and make it actionable.

Large Detachment of the Year

GreenVets executives directed intelligence and security operations for the team that was awarded the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations Large Detachment of the Year in both 2011 and 2013 and were runners up in second place for 2012. This was a worldwide competitive award.
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Larry – Business Manager:

Larry is responsible for ensuring our business and administrative operations run smoothly and that our customers always receive the best service possible. Ultimately, Larry is a problem solver who keeps GreenVets focused on what matters most, delivering elite intelligence, security and investigative solutions to our clients.

While primarily focused on administrative issues, finances and customer relations, Larry is no stranger to the operational world. He spent two years conducting daily operations in Iraq, supporting U.S. Military activities there. He actually lived in the Baghdad’s Red Zone during that time and operated well outside what would be most people’s comfort zones. This enabled Larry’s team to deliver what most could not.

Larry was a business owner for over 25 years and a District Manager for a Fortune 100 company. He knows how to integrate ever advancing technology into our day-to-day operations and ensure our company always provides the best and most streamlined services to our customers.

Erin Going – Senior Analyst / Investigator :

Erin is a licensed Private Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner. She currently supports our Litigation group with a variety of skills. Her experience includes Oil and Gas Litigation Support, Embezzlement and Fraud, Reputation Repair, Crypto Currency and Asset Concealment, and Collaborative Divorce and Matrimonial Disputes.

She earned a BA in Public Management/Criminal Justice and has accomplished graduate studies in Social/Psychological Assessments and Behavioral Health.

She has a strong background in analytics and research, as well as an innate ability to identify and empathize with clients and their unique situations.

Nick – Senior Investigator:

Nick brings years of experience in Specialized Private Sector Fields to our Firm. He is an established expert in biometric operations and this specialty is a significant reason for GreenVets bringing Nick onto our team. He has used the most advanced technology to collect and process: fingerprints, hand, facial recognition, voice recognition, iris, retinal and other biometrics. Nick has applied this expertise to investigative and security operations in the Private Sector, Law Enforcement, NATO and the U.S. Military.

Vetting and Screening is a specialty service offered by GreenVets, whether for employees or other personnel. We apply Counterintelligence and other methodologies, including biometrics, to our screening operations. Nick is an expert in preparing both large and small scale Screening and Vetting for corporate clients. He has organized and overseen Vetting operations leading to the identification and mitigation of numerous malign entities.

Nick’s background in the Private Sector includes experience in a variety of business management and supervisory roles. He knows how to manage people and finances. This experience has proven crucial in cases involving employee misconduct and fraud. Nick is a Senior Investigator on our team due to his ability to use a variety of technical and interpersonal investigative tools to deliver results for our clients.

All of GreenVets senior personnel, and every investigator, have experience working overseas. Nick’s international portfolio is impressive with operational travel to: Mexico, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Seychelles, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai / United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and Thailand.

Nick has education and on the job experience in network administration and computer engineering. These advanced technical skills are in high demand in the investigative, security and intelligence fields. He uses these skills as an Investigator to collect sensitive information from electronic devices or from electronic sources and then ensures this information is processed and useable as evidence for our clients.

Ron – Senior Investigator:

Ron is a skilled Investigator with a background in the Military Intelligence community, who has also been deployed on the ground in a variety of real-world combat scenarios. Ron’s primary area of operation was Afghanistan during his time in the U.S. Military. Ron brings a unique set of skills to the GreenVets team and we are proud to have him as one of our Senior Investigators.

Ron is a certified and expertly trained Interrogator with significant cross training in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Counterintelligence. He has worked with a variety of Special Operations Forces and is an expert in asymmetric warfare and counterinsurgency. Ron’s experience in the field is balanced with his excellent credentials as an intelligence professional. He’s been on both sides, operating in the field collecting information and also on the back-end working with that intelligence to accomplish whatever the mission at hand is.

Ron’s skills go beyond field operations and intelligence activity. He’s a former surgical technician, with a solid educational background in medical operations, including medical emergency response. He is also an internationally certified commercial diver with experience in offshore, inland, hazmat, salvage, demolition and saturation operations. Ron’s familiarity with marine operations is a valued specialty skill.

Ron has specialized training and experience in sensitive site exploitation and crime scene analysis. He’s worked with clients on developing tactics, techniques and procedures for evidence collection and processing. He’s conducted numerous field and lab forensic operations exploiting cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. He’s also worked extensively with the processing and exploitation of documents related to criminal and civil cases.

Katie – Senior Analyst / Investigator:

Katie is a key member of our Analysis and Research team who also has extensive experience conducting field operations. Her extensive experience in the Intelligence Community has prepared her to support a wide array of GreenVets Private Investigations.

Katie began her career as a Cryptologic Language Analyst and speaks Serbo-Croatian. Her language proficiency has increased GreenVets already robust credentials in the Balkans.

She was a member of the U.S. Air Force and is familiar with both National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) operations. Katie has served overseas as a Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Liaison Officer where she was embedded directly into a Task Force to aid in targeting high value networks posing threats to operations.

Katie has specialized in fusing National SIGINT collection with Task Force Counterintelligence / Human Intelligence (HUMINT) enabling more developed targeting of hostile forces. She has operated outside the wire performing SIGINT collection with specialized equipment. This has included direct aide to Force Protection operations.

She has worked overseas as a manager of a collection, analysis and reporting section responsible for SIGINT in support of counter-terrorism operations in the U.S. CENTCOM area of operations. During this time, Katie supervised a 24/7 Geospatial Metadata Analysis and time-sensitive SIGINT reporting watch team working against transnational terrorist organizations.

Katie has been responsible for conducting Social Network and Digital Network Analysis. She opened and connected Task Force with a broad range of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) support to further their capture / neutralization missions. Katie also assisted in planning ISR coverage for Tactical Operations. She conducted detailed analysis of Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), SIGINT and HUMINT in order to provide actionable intelligence to Special Operation Forces engaged in combat operations.

Kelly – Senior Investigator:

Kelly is an expert in Law Enforcement and Security activities and has routinely conducted these operations in both the United States and abroad. Kelly also has a background in Military operations having served a combat tour in Iraq. Kelly’s varied background and experience in real-world Law Enforcement and Military operations made him an easy addition to our team.

Kelly’s dedication to conducting professional investigations and delivering results to our clients was an important factor in GreenVets designating him as a Senior Investigator in our Firm. Kelly will take the extra step and go the extra mile to make himself available to our customers throughout an investigation and ensure their objectives are met in every case.

As you may have noticed, we pride ourselves on hiring personnel with diverse backgrounds. While Kelly’s Law Enforcement and Military service were important to us, so was his experience in the Private Sector. Kelly previously conducted sensitive operations for two large private corporations and brings valuable experience from his time there to our team.

In addition to providing Private Investigative services and previously conducting day-to-day Police Operations, Kelly has background in medical response, communications, command and control and executive protection.

Kelly’s experience in Law Enforcement led him to be selected to train, advise, assist and mentor numerous cadets in an advanced police training program overseas. He has been part of hand selected Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) specially designed to provide security to sensitive personnel and facilities. He is also a logistics and transportation security specialist.

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