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Corporate Vetting & Screening Operations

Vetting, screening and conducting Background Checks are all similar fields with some nuances here and there. Basically, is the person in question or is the business in question who you think they are? That’s what we are here to answer for you.

Our seasoned Private Investigators have years of experience and thousands of Interviews under their belt getting the truth when looking into people and organizations.

Corporate Vetting


Our Private Detectives can work with you to develop custom vetting options to ensure you are as secure as possible. We conduct specialized vetting in the following areas:

  • Pre-Employment checks on low-level or entry-level employees. Get it right the first time and save yourself time and money down the road.
  • Pre-Employment checks on mid-level employees. Usually coming with more years of experience and longer resumes, we will verify they are who they say they are.
  • Executive screening and reputational background investigations. You’ll be putting these select people into sensitive and influential positions within your company. Don’t let them bring any unidentified issues or baggage with them into your company.
  • Current employee reviews. Ideally, you should have indicators you track to identify employees for a vetting and screening review if they meet certain criteria.
  • Random screening of a cross section of employees. Pick several areas of your company and randomly select a few employees from each section to go through a vetting and screening program.
  • Large, medium or small scale vetting operations of your employee force. We’ve been approached to develop a screening program to assist a business going through a transition or to substantially increase their security posture and can do the same for you.
  • In-Depth Due Diligence Investigations. We’ll take a specified subject and develop a complete profile. Whether another business or a single person you may be looking to partner with, we can provide the answers you need to make the final decision.
  • Supplier and Vendor Screening. These are the organizations that can make or break your business. Can they deliver? Have they had issues in the past? Are they as substantial and qualified as they have represented themselves?


Any vetting operation of note, should include a set of indicators that will flag the entity being vetted for additional screening. For each organization there will be different indicators that trigger further screening.

We obviously have a list of things we look for, such as deception and other nefarious activity, but will also consult with our client to identify business specific triggers to add to the vetting process. This ensures our support is as specific and customized as it can possibly be in order to meet your requirements.

Corporate Vetting 1

As a Full Service Security and Investigations Firm, we can immediately initiate additional investigations if we uncover a threat to your company. This could involve:

Prior to conducting a vetting operation, we’ll work with the client to develop as much information as possible on the personnel or organizations being screened. The more we know, the better we can prepare a custom screening program for you. We can work with your Human Resources and Security Departments as required to make the process as productive as possible.

Our personnel have conducted these vetting and screening operations in Texas and in multiple countries around the world for a wide range of clients. During these screenings we have identified:

  • Petty thieves.
  • Organized theft rings responsible for the loss of thousand and, in certain cases, millions of dollars.
  • White collar criminals responsible for embezzlement.
  • Widespread fraud costing companies and governments millions of dollars.
  • Terrorists posing a direct and imminent threat to the physical security of personnel on corporate and government installations.
  • Cyber criminals on the inside of a client’s information technology infrastructure. Access to the whole grid. Think Edward Snowden here and please take steps to protect yourself.
  • Spies collecting information for foreign nations, terrorist organizations and hostile businesses.


In every single one of the cases above, the clients we were working for believed we would find nothing at the beginning of the vetting process. Nobody wants to think they have an insider threat. Counterintelligence has never been more important in today’s corporate world.

Corporate Vetting 2


Our investigative team is led by two former Credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agents. All of the passwords, the multi-point verification and other robust security measures can be penetrated by a single employee with malign intent.

Whether spending hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars on information technology security and associated solutions, don’t forget about the human element. We aren’t afraid to talk about this and we know it’s not a scare tactic.

Protect your organization at the intersection of technology and the human element or your security will all be for naught. Please let our Counterintelligence experts help you now.


GreenVets has the utmost respect for internal security and investigations departments within a corporation. Our services are designed to enhance and augment these internal security organizations on a case by case basis.


In some cases, if a company is not large enough to have an in-house capability, we provide full security and investigative support.

Either way, having an outside and disinterested party conduct periodic assessments and reviews can be extremely useful.


Our Headquarters is located in North Texas, northeast of McKinney. Our second office is located in Plano and we serve all of Collin County and the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metro area. Please contact us via phone or e-mail to begin the vetting process. We are board licensed, registered, bonded and fully insured to operate anywhere in Texas. While we often find ourselves throughout counties in North Texas, we most often work in the communities of Plano, The Colony, McKinney, Carrollton, Frisco, Richardson, Allen, Addison, Lewisville and beyond.