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Technical Investigations

If you are using any electronic device you think might contain evidence supporting your cause, STOP USING IT IMEDDIATELY. Sorry for the capital letters, but it really is important.

There are a variety of cases where an advanced Technical and Forensic Investigation may produce the results you are looking for. Our Private Investigators have extensive experience working on Technical Investigations and integrating these operations with other investigative capabilities to produce the best possible outcome for our client.


Technical Investigations may be performed by our Licensed Professional Investigators in a number of scenarios, but the following are some of the most common:

  • Identifying a dangerous situation or threat to a child. Children of all ages are now given cell phones and other advanced electronic devices such as tablets and computers. These are extremely powerful pieces of equipment and carry with them significant responsibility. We understand sometimes children forget about the ramifications of some of their actions on these devices. At the same time, we are sensitive to the fact these devices and your child may be targeted by dangerous people or organizations.
  • Technical Investigations

  • Businesses and corporations can use this capability to conduct employee vetting and screening, especially if your Human Resources or Security Section has flagged an employee for misconduct or even potential misconduct. In fact, any Employee Misconduct activity should immediately trigger a Technical Investigation by an independent third party.
  • Any business or corporation suspecting Corporate Espionage or any similar threat should contact us immediately to initiate a Technical Investigation and coordinate additional Counterintelligence support from our Firm.
  • Infidelity and Cheating cases involving significant others can represent an opportunity to carry out a Technical Investigation.
  • Our Investigators can actually work with you to capture data from your device if you have been the victim of Stalking or Intimidation.
  • In some cases, a Technical Investigation will be necessary during Trial Preparation or Pre-Litigation.
  • Financial Investigations may require Technical Capabilities to support.
  • Accident Investigations may hinge on data recovered from Technical Investigations.