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Research and Analysis / Fusion Center

In the Military, amongst people who know what they are doing, there is saying that, “Intel Drives Ops”. This means that Intelligence Drives Operations; so basically, if you have the right intelligence, you can kick in the right door or drop the bomb in the right spot. In the Law Enforcement world this means you hit the right house and arrest the most important criminal. This makes everyone safer and wastes the least amount of resources. Ultimately, it saves everyone money in wasted man hours and can also save lives.
Research and Analysis

This is important stuff. Many Americans watch movies and television shows where the guy with the gun and the tactical vest wins the day….and he / she often does, but so do another important group of people. It’s the analysts behind the desk, working the computer, doing the research, making hard decisions, deciding where operations are going to happen and generally making decisions that impact the whole team.


The American fascination with the “Cool Guy” means the intelligence personnel are often overlooked. Who would watch a show about a bunch of analysts sitting around figuring stuff out? We would, but that’s beside the point.


Our Full Service Private Security and Investigations Firm only hires the most elite members of Specialized Private Sector Fields, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military. We hire former Special Agents, Counterintelligence Personnel, Former Military with Special Operations and Asymmetric Warfare backgrounds, Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collectors and others.


All of those guys are great, but we also hire the best and brightest All-Source Analysts, Geospatial Analysts (GEOINT), Biometric Experts, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysts and Document and Media Exploitation Technicians.


Every member of our team values one another and the role they perform in our Firm. Our field personnel realize they would be blind without our Intelligence Team. Their Research and Analysis is key to our Private Investigators success in literally every single Investigation we conduct. They also provide critical support to our other Security and Intelligence solutions.

Although we have stressed how important our Analysts are to us, we also want our clients to know how important they are to them. Having a dedicated group of Intelligence Professionals continuously analyzing data for our investigations means you have more qualified sets of eyes on your case than you would in many firms. This saves us time and you money and that matches our promise to provide the best service we can at the most affordable price possible.

If you have requirements for specialized Analysis and Research, please contact us via phone or e-mail for a consultation with one of our Analytical and Fusion experts. We’ve got experience conducting analysis in the Military, Private Sector and Law Enforcement. We know how to identify and mitigate threats and do it before they develop into enormous problems.

In today’s dynamic and changing world, we need the best tools to create the most secure environments possible. GreenVets believes you reach the apex of security at the crossroads of advanced technological capabilities and the human element. Our Analysis and Research section and Fusion Cell believe companies like Globlue are making the world a safer place and enable companies such as ours to excel in the field of counter threat operations.
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