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Death Investigations

The death of a loved one, family member, friend or close associate is always difficult. We understand families want answers about why their loved one passed away. We will conduct an independent and diligent Death Investigation carried out by our veteran Private Investigations team.

Death Investigations


While can be retained immediately to respond and investigate concurrently with official parties and law enforcement, you may also hire us in the hours, days, weeks or even months after an unsolved or suspicious death. We handle cold cases as well.


Our Private Detectives are trained in forensic and legal investigations and are well versed in Trial Preparation. Please visit the Trial Preparation hyperlink to familiarize yourself with the full scope of our capabilities.


While your case may not be exactly the same as a full Trial Preparation, the base concept is similar. We find the truth. We study available evidence, collect new evidence, conduct Witness Interviews and take any other investigative steps required to solve your case.


Throughout the process we will remain in constant contact with the client. We hire experts, but our screening process ensures our personnel are also both professional and compassionate. Law Enforcement have many cases, budget constraints and other issues sometimes hindering their ability to fully pursue a case. From the moment you retain our services, we can guarantee your case will be the priority of one of our Private Investigators.

In every case, we can work directly for a private client or conduct the investigation through their legal representation. All of our investigations are carried out with the understanding our Licensed Professional Investigators will collect information and evidence according to strict policies and procedures. You can rest assured our personnel will provide you with everything you need should you decide to pursue any Civil or Criminal Legal Action.

GreenVets is fully registered, bonded, insured and board licensed to operate anywhere in the State of Texas. We primarily operate throughout North Texas and areas around Collin County, from our Headquarters outside of McKinney and our second office in Plano. We frequently have personnel working in the communities of Plano, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Richardson, Carrollton, Addison, Lewisville and Allen.

Wrongful Death Investigation

A Wrongful Death investigation is a type of Death Investigation (Please Read Above). Wrongful Deaths can and do occur and may have resulted from:

  • Criminal Activity
  • A Vehicle or other Transportation Incident
  • A Workplace Incident
  • General Negligence
  • Malpractice
  • A Product Liability Issue

Wrongful Death Investigation


If you are facing legal or monetary issues associated with a Wrongful Death case, you may have an uphill battle. Other parties involved will likely retain the services of an investigator and so should you. If you are in need of a Private Investigator’s assistance with this type of case, please contact one of our Licensed Professionals immediately via phone or e-mail.

Suicide Investigation

A Suicide Investigation is somewhat of a misnomer, as it really is a basic Death Investigation (Read Above). A common starting point for a Suicide Investigation is a family approaching us because they do not believe the case was a Suicide as ruled by the authorities. This may leave the family shaken to their core and can also impact financial benefits potentially owed to the family.

Some cases are ruled Suicide too quickly and without proper due diligence. There may be situations where a responding official may quickly identify the scene as a likely suicide and from that point on every first responder may have a tainted view of the crime scene.

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, we are ready to provide you answers. We conduct and approach every case with professionalism and will seek the truth.