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Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

We’ll start this section by making it clear if you have a case of Child Abuse or Spousal Abuse, including any domestic partner abuse, you should report it to authorities immediately.

Our Private Investigators can help if you believe local authorities aren’t being responsive or fully professional in the handling of your complaint.

Child Abuse

This could include doubt of the competency or thoroughness of the assigned social worker. If you are in any way unsatisified with the authorities handling of your child’s case or your case, we can help.


We understand reporting directly to Law Enforcement may not be possible. If you are in a dangerous situation and you need help to get out of it, we will coordinate with local law enforcement to get you into a safe situation.

We urge caution in the method and timing of how you contact us. We can respond to you from a phone call, e-mail or a message submitted via our web contact form. Please ensure you uphold your safety above all else.


These cases are very sensitive and they require compassion, expertise and a steady hand. Given several of our Private Detectives come from U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Backgrounds, they have seen much of the worst the world has to offer. GreenVets combines their background and experience as Licensed Professional Investigators to maximize the support we provide you as a client. We can take your abuse case and work it to a successful resolution.

We’ll help you through this dark time. Your safety and security are the most important aspects of these investigations and we’ll also keep every portion of the case confidential. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the facts of the case and provide detailed evidence in our findings. As with any of our investigations, we’ll work to ensure the evidence collected in the case is admissible in civil and criminal proceedings.

A Child Abuse or Domestic Violence case is investigated in a similar manner to other cases we handle; however, no two cases are the same and no two types of investigations are the same.


The first step our investigators will take is to get a comprehensive picture of what is going on.

Once the investigator has all this information, they’ll ask some more questions and then may elect to interview any cooperative Witnesses to further develop the case file.

While this is going on, our dedicated Intelligence Analysts at our Headquarters outside of McKinney, Texas will begin conducting records and background searches on our secure systems. These All-Source Analysts remain in continuous communication with our Investigators in the field, sharing important intelligence and passing additional leads.

As the investigation moves forward, various types of Surveillance will likely become necessary. Traditional Surveillance, combined with Electronic Surveillance often produce the best results. Electronic Surveillance can be critical in abuse cases.


As we carry out the investigation, our team can coordinate with Law Enforcement as required. We may recommend you retain the services of an Attorney in order to ensure your interests are protected and all bases are covered.

Child Abuse 1


We want everyone to be aware of the signs of Child Abuse:

  • The first may seem simple, but has the child reported injury while with an adult or another child?
  • Have you, family members, friends or interested parties noticed any bruises, cuts, burns, unexplained marks on the child? This includes any faded or fading injuries.
  • Does the child draw back upon the approach of another person?
  • Is the child more reserved or more quiet than normal?
  • Have you noticed unusual sexual knowledge or exhibiting odd sexual behavior? Has the child contracted STDs or become pregnant?
  • Does the child ever lack adult supervision for any periods of time?
  • Have you noticed a wet bed or sleeping area if this is uncommon for the child or noticed any signs of blood on the child’s private areas?
  • Does the child have outbursts or adverse reactions when having to go home or to other specific locations? Does the child have similar reactions to visiting a specific person?
  • Has the child refused to clean themselves?


We also want everyone to be aware of signs of Domestic Abuse:

  • Does your significant other physically assault you by hitting, slapping, choking or pushing you?
  • Does your significant other stop you from spending time with your friends or even your family members?
  • Does your significant other abuse you with words or yell at you with any type of frequency?
  • Has your partner ever threatened to kill you or a pet? Have they ever brandished a weapon in your presence?
  • Has your partner threatened to take your children away or denied you access to them?
  • Do they act like outbursts are not a big issue or are your fault for provoking them?
  • Has your significant other ever broken things in anger?
  • Have you been prevented from going to work or to school? Are you allowed to keep money and identification? Do you have free access to communication with the outside world?
  • Have they told you they’d commit suicide or harm themselves?


If you are aware of any of these signs of abuse, you need to seek help for yourself or your loved ones. Help is available to those who need it. Local law enforcement, government assistance, community outreach programs, religious organizations or even a Private Investigator can help you. Save yourself and save your children.

Child Abuse 2


Our investigators can travel anywhere in the State of Texas to work a Domestic or Child Abuse Case. While much of our work occurs in North Texas, we have operated Statewide. Our Headquarters outside of McKinney and our office in Plano allow us to serve Collin County and other North Texas counties with pride. We are prepared to answer the call for investigations in Plano, The Colony, Carrollton, Richardson, Frisco, Lewisville, Addison and other communities in the area.

If you need help and you decide to call or e-mail us, we’ll respond with compassion and provide you with immediate access to an elite Private Detective. Don’t wait.