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Surveillance is a cornerstone of many Private Investigations and in many instances it becomes the keystone supporting the entire case.

Even with the development and widespread use of GPS Vehicle Tracking, which admittedly can be an important element in the successful completion of some cases, old fashioned and in-person surveillance simply cannot be beat. And for that, you need a serious Private Detective.


Either way, GreenVets Licensed Professional Investigators are highly trained in surveillance and are prepared to expertly and covertly track the subject of your case. Our personnel have traveled a wide range of the state conducting surveillance in all of North Texas and beyond. This includes all parts of Collin County from our office in Plano.

Our company fields both male and female surveillance teams and can mix them as required for any scenario. When working your case, our surveillance specialists are only working for you and will have no other assignments distracting them from the task at hand.

We live in the information age and private companies now gather unimaginable amounts of data on each and every person in the United States. For some, this has led to the idea that a database search and internet search can produce a tidy package on a subject and the case is complete.

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This couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology has enabled investigators of all kinds to decrease the time it takes to work a case and produce better results; however, the rubber still meets the road and a human actually has to go and confirm or deny what the computer says.

Since several members of our firm are former Counterintelligence Special Agents, we call this process working on Human Intelligence (HUMINT). Human Intelligence, when combined with the outstanding technology we have available to us, produces Actionable Intelligence. This is information that leads to solving or completing a case. It’s information our clients can and do count on.


Surveillance is typically far removed from the picture most people have from watching movies and television shows. Surveillance is hard work and involves long hours. These long hours can range from intense action to extreme boredom, but it’s our job to deliver results every time. Not only that, but surveillance can be quite dangerous at times and most Private Investigators have interesting stories about their operations in the field.

While surveillance is useful in a wide range of case types, it can be especially important in the following cases:

Through advanced tradecraft employed in our surveillance, you will receive high quality written reports, photographs and video on the subject of the investigation. The methodology we employ during our surveillance and the collection of this information ensures it can be used as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings as required.

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Our surveillance teams are in constant contact with headquarters to both send and receive updates through real time case management solutions available to our firm. GreenVets employs analysts who take large volumes of data from electronic sources and combine this with our high quality human intelligence from field operations to create a comprehensive case file for our customers.

We have conducted both small and large scale surveillance operations in permissive and hostile environments around the world. So whether you need surveillance on a subject in Allen, McKinney, Frisco, the Streets of Dubai or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, you can rely on GreenVets.

Please contact us immediately via phone or e-mail for your free consultation with a Licensed Professional Investigator. We are available 24/7 to provide support, even in emergency situations. From our Headquarters 25 minutes outside of McKinney and our second office in Plano, GreenVets can provide exceptional investigative services across North Texas and beyond. In addition to the two cities we have offices in / near, we serve Addison, Carrollton, Frisco, Allen, Richardson and The Colony; however, please call us for any North Texas County or locations in other areas of Texas.

Electronic Surveillance Operations

GreenVets offers a host of electronic surveillance solutions to our clients. We can bring together a wide array of sensitive video, audio, computer, mobile device and other electronic surveillance equipment designed to protect you, your loved ones, your assets or your business.


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We will put you at ease and give you an unparalleled ability to monitor potentially harmful activity in your home, your vehicle, your business, on your computers, mobile devices and other private locations.


Our Investigative Technicians can provide support for:

  • Mobile Phone Remote Monitoring
  • Tracking E-Mail
  • Remote Video and Audio Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Remote PC Monitoring


Our team has an advantage in delivering electronic surveillance capabilities to our customers given we are a C Licensed Private Security Company versus the normal A Licensed Private Investigations Company in the State of Texas. C Licensed Companies provide Alarm Services and other Private Security Services in addition to also Providing Private Investigative Services. Our experience with Alarm Systems gives us added expertise when designing and planning an electronic surveillance operation for you.


We are aware of legal allowances and limitations when it comes to electronic surveillance operations and can guide you seamlessly through the process of navigating laws and regulations associated with this field.


As with all investigative activity carried out by GreenVets, our electronic surveillance operations are carried out with careful consideration to any significant findings being admissible in both civil and criminal cases. We expect our clients to have value in the information we provide and look to providing the best evidence possible.

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Please contact us via phone or e-mail at your earliest convenience for a free consultation with a Licensed Professional Investigator.


If you believe you are being targeted by an individual or organization, please don’t wait a second – contact us immediately. Whether being targeted for violence, theft, litigation or any other reason, this situation can get out of control very quickly.


We will work with you to gain a complete understanding of the situation and then offer solutions to mitigate this activity. Our firm employs former Counterintelligence Special Agents intimately familiar with a wide variety of offensive and defensive techniques designed to protect you. Chances are our Counterintelligence Professionals have first-hand and real world experience with the activity being targeted against you and also have ample experience in defending against such activity.




Our team will produce a tailored solution set designed to protect you and may include some or all of the following:

  • Fusion Task Force Creation and Deployment Combined with Train, Advise and Assist of Host-Nation Military and Internal Security Forces
  • Coordination between Conventional and Special Forces
  • Linguist / Interpreter / Translator Deployment and Management
  • General contracting


Our Countersurveillance offerings have been used by clients dealing with multiple Corporate Cases, Stalking and Intimidation as well as Child Abuse and Spousal Abuse cases. Our Countersurveillance expertise is also integrated with our Executive Protection Services.