Risk Management - GreenVets LLC

Risk Management

Ideally, risk will be handled with foresight and result in the mitigation of a threat before it can manifest into a potentially crippling issue for an organization or an individual.


At GreenVets, we are focused on providing a thorough Risk Management process whereby we assess, identify, evaluate, prioritize and minimize risks to our Clients.


Comprehensive Risk Management and mitigation is at the heart of all GreenVets operations and activities. It’s a central theme in how we interact with and support our global Clients.


Our security experts, intelligence specialists, investigators and analysts have years of experience operating in a variety of situations both domestically and around the world to identify and neutralize threats to our Clients.


Our personnel can fully integrate and effectively communicate with our Clients to ensure a structured process is in place to create value.


Our tailored Risk Management Solutions take both the cyber and human factors into account when assessing risk and identifying robust solutions to effectively address potential threats.


Even as potential weaknesses are identified and resolved, our team continually re-assesses and improves the Client’s security through a proven dynamic analytical and operational cycle.


Travel Risk Management (TRM) and Corporate Extraction are among several specialized Risk Management services offered by GreenVets.


GreenVets uses mobile app technology to both dynamically track and update our clients on potential threats. An integrated panic button ensures we are only one click away.


Our TRM operations include responsible travel planning combined with timely and relevant intelligence for specific regions and areas. Risk mitigation includes comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments.


Analysts and operations personnel in our fusion center track our Clients 24/7/365 in real time using a variety of tools, while simultaneously pushing critical information to them in order to mitigate threats before they can harm them.


Should a Client need any assistance, our personnel can deploy within hours to any location on the planet in order to coordinate and carry out evacuation and rescue operations.