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Intelligence and Operations (Ops)

GreenVets is dedicated to providing cutting edge, efficient and exceptional services within the intelligence, operations and security fields. Our executives, management and employees have years of experience conducting intelligence and security operations worldwide. We have a commitment to ensuring Government, Commercial and Individual Clients are fully protected from a wide range of threats in today’s dynamic and changing world. Our clients can always count on anonymity, discretion and safekeeping when working with our experienced team.




A Different Approach

We are living in what is often a reactive world. This is an inefficient and ultimately expensive approach to security and intelligence operations. Our philosophy is to meet potential threats before they are able to manifest themselves as serious issues for our clients. This method saves time and money in expensive and reactionary measures following contact with the hazard. The best defense is a good offense and our company has proven results using this method. Let us solve your issues before they present themselves as expensive, difficult or impossible to manage.


Assessments With Solutions

GreenVets can assemble teams who are equipped and prepared to travel worldwide to conduct assessments of our client’s security and intelligence environment. We will then produce products and make recommendations for enhancement of our client’s security infrastructure. We can then provide the personnel and resources to achieve the client’s objectives. If there is a specific requirement or collection of skills needed and the client has already decided on a solution, we can forego this initial assessment and move straight into the solutions portion of the process.




Full and Sustained Support or Development of an Organic Capability

GreenVets provide full scale and sustained consulting and operations support for our clients. We also send in advisors and trainers who teach the client to conduct and then also sustain organic intelligence and security operations in a variety of environments. We’ll start with a more robust presence and can scale down as our client gains the requisite expertise. Throughout this process we will see to the acquisition of essential security hardware, software and any associated equipment to compliment these services.

We will leave our clients with properly trained personnel and equipment tailored to their specific requirements. Our company will maintain a presence and keep our personnel in place for as long as is required. We do offer indefinite and / or long-term security and intelligence support and we are prepared for indefinite deployments.