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GPS Vehicle Tracking

In some situations, GreenVets Private Investigators can work with a Client to provide assistance in using advanced GPS technology, including GPS Vehicle Trackers and GPS Devices to identify critical pattern of life information on a subject. Basically, where is the subject and when were they there.

GPS Vehicle Tracking


We cannot overstate the sensitive nature of these types of investigations and GreenVets adheres to all laws and regulations concerning the use of such technology.


Our Plano-based investigators have incorporated this specialized capability in operations across North Texas, including most of Collin County. The quality of our work in Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Richardson, The Colony, Carrollton, Addison, Lewisville and other communities in the area is second-to-none.


Our Personnel have used electronic tracking equipment on five different continents and in nearly any operating environment imaginable. Our team is uniquely prepared to assist you in any investigation.


There are limits to the use of GPS Vehicle Trackers / GPS Locators and GreenVets strongly recommends using trained professionals to ensure laws aren’t broken in any cases using this advanced equipment. Please read further in order to gain as much information as possible on the potential uses of satellite tracking and whether it will be a good fit with your requirement.


Even if this specific capability isn’t for you in this case, our team can recommend other methods to achieve your desired goals.


Additionally, some people unfamiliar with this type of work don’t understand the impact of using this technology and how it could, in some cases, negatively influence the admissibility of certain evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.


GreenVets recommends you consult with your Licensed Professional Investigator and your Attorney in any such cases.

Any Private Investigator who tells you they can use this equipment in any case, especially in the State of Texas, is not being honest and is very likely committing a crime in some situations.


Our first priority is to ensure the safety and security of our Clients and we will always provide you the most up-to-date and complete advice possible. We operate with honesty, integrity and our customers will always appreciate the expertise our team brings to the table.

GPS Vehicle Tracking 1


In nearly all cases, the owner of the vehicle will have to be aware of this sensitive electronic tracking. This is made fairly clear by Texas State Law. Once again, anyone advising a client to use this technology with the knowledge the subject vehicle isn’t owned by them is giving terrible counsel.


The good news is any owner of a subject vehicle has the authority to elect to track this vehicle. To put this in context, think about a couple where both the Husband and Wife are on the title of the vehicle or have a legal stake in the vehicle. The same applies to parents who may have a child they care about and worry about this child’s safety and security.


As such, our team can assist you in developing a capability to track the movements using available equipment. Our investigative and analytical teams will use this data to develop a comprehensive operating picture of the subject vehicle’s movements.


Qualified Clients electing to use this service will be pleased to hear it can significantly decrease costs associated with the initial portion of an investigation. Without the use of this technology, at least one investigator must be retained in order to conduct in-person surveillance on a subject for a longer period of time.


Using this method cannot completely eliminate the need for direct observation surveillance. The use of GPS produces high quality and accurate information on the whereabouts and pattern of life for a subject; however, it doesn’t tell either the GreenVets Team or the customer what the subject is actually doing.

After we have gathered as much intelligence as possible on the subject, we will use the data from the GPS Tracker to construct an abbreviated human surveillance plan to both confirm the results of the tracking and also ascertain the true nature of the subject’s activities. Please see our Surveillance page for further information.

This process ensures you get the most accurate information in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.


We get a number of questions about how these GPS Trackers work and how reliable they are. We’d like to shed just a little light on the subject for you all.


The GPS units we recommend are reliable and rarely have issues, but people must understand these are sensitive pieces of electronic equipment and, although rare, are subject to failure for a variety of reasons. Designed to be protected from temperature and the elements, the units can sometimes malfunction.

With that said, they have gone through thousands of hours of testing and numerous miles on the road.

The GPS Devices used by our specialists are protected in custom cases and our team also uses a custom set-up to guarantee extended battery life for days beyond other trackers on the market. These devices consistently outperformed off-the-shelf technology available to consumers and trackers purchased on sites such as Amazon.

These devices work off of cellular networks and communicate GPS data back to advanced software used by GreenVets. Using this software, GreenVets can access detailed reports on vehicle movements and activity.


We have found there is a wide range of information available on the web concerning the use of GPS equipment in private investigative cases. There are some Private Detectives who believe they can use this tracking technology in any case regardless of case type or jurisdiction. Other Private Investigators may say any use of these devices is highly suspect and won’t touch them regardless of the case.
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As is often the case, the actual ground truth is much more difficult to pin down and isn’t purely black and white. The use of this specialty investigations tool is permissible, but it depends on both the case as well as the intent and the jurisdiction in which the work is being conducted in.

As any quality Private Investigator will tell you, this is just one of many tools available to assist in the successful completion of a case for a client. Any tool used only by itself is likely to prove less than successful. We’ll help you navigate the viability of using this equipment.


If you are unsure of whether you want to take the next step, that’s ok. We recommend you contact us via phone or e-mail and we’ll provide a free consultation with a Licensed Professional Investigator. Don’t be intimidated, our team is always friendly and approachable.