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Counterintelligence and Counterespionage

Several members of the GreenVets Private Investigations Team have backgrounds in Counterintelligence operations, working with both the U.S. Military and Civilian Federal Agents. Our personnel are hired, vetted, trained and put into the field by our two senior investigators who are former Credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agents. Counterintelligence, called CI in the intelligence community, consists of activities that find, fix, assess, track and then exploit or mitigate hostile intelligence organizations.

If you have identified a threat to your business or even associated with your personal interests, we recommend you retain the services of one of our Licensed Professional Investigators skilled in the art of CI operations. If you run an organization of notable size and scope, chances are you would benefit greatly from a Counterintelligence professional providing personalized and customized consulting on methods to protect your business.

CI has traditionally been used by the U.S. Military and National Intelligence or Security Services, but there is a niche need for Counterintelligence services in the private sector. Our expertise in this field is second-to-none. We have experience in standard CI operations and have also worked advanced Offensive Counterintelligence Operations or OFCO for short.

Many CI Special Agents are cross-trained in running Source Operations and conducting Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations.

These operations are designed to recruit human sources of information and persuade them through various means to report information against a specific or group of targets.

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GreenVets personnel have extensive time working collection operations and are trained in advanced Source Operations. Many Law Enforcement refer to this as running Criminal Informants or “CIs” (not to be confused with the abbreviation for Counterintelligence).

CI Agents are also often cross-trained in Interrogation and advanced Interviewing operations. This training includes debriefing friendly personnel to obtain and document every shred of information they may know about a subject if exposed to enemy or hostile concerns. In most cases, the training the CI personnel receive focuses on the use of soft approaches and positive reinforcement to obtain intelligence. The movies usually overlook this part of interviews.

Ultimately, Counterintelligence is often misunderstood and nearly always underutilized. In our post-Edward Snowden world, corporations and individuals cannot afford to just hope they haven’t been penetrated by a hostile entity.

As we have emphasized on many occasions, you can have millions, or in the NSAs case billions, of dollars worth of high tech and digital security, but it only takes one man or woman to punch through it all. Passwords, multi-factor authentication, biometrics…. all of it is vulnerable to a single human with a malicious purpose.


GreenVets operates at the intersection of advance technology and the human element. If you aren’t using us, you may be exposed. We applaud the use of cutting-edge technology and we employ it ourselves, but Human Intelligence, especially Counterintelligence, must have space in today’s security arena.


If your company doesn’t have any Counterintelligence Professionals, or even if they do, please contact us to enhance your security posture. The alternative isn’t worth it. We will put you in touch with one of our CI Specialists via phone or e-mail.

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Our Headquarters is located outside of McKinney, Texas and our personnel operate throughout the State of Texas, but our focus is the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. We have a second office in Plano servicing Collin County and other counties across North Texas. We typically have Private Detectives in the field working in the communities of Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Carrollton, The Colony, Richardson, Addison, Lewisville and Allen.

Please see Debugging / Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) for specialized technical CI services.