Corporate, Competitive and Private Intelligence

Corporate / Competitive / Private Intelligence

The growth of Corporate, Competitive and Private Intelligence has been significant over the past ten years and it looks to keep increasing in importance. Information is power and both corporations and people understand those with the intelligence have the power.

We’re looking at you Google and Facebook.

Corporate Intelligence

These valuable and influential companies have the power because they collect the most data. Many of our team members here at GreenVets have background in the Intelligence Community and worked within the Military Industrial Complex.

With this experience, we have been directly involved with collecting, processing, analyzing, disseminating and operationalizing intelligence. Ultimately, what you are looking for when you collect information is to combine it with other information and create ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. This may be one of the most important words on the planet now. Can you get the information? And if you do get it, can you make it Actionable.

At GreenVets, we only recruit elite members from Specialized Private Sector Fields, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military. Most have experience in the Intelligence Community and several have directed asymmetric warfare and special operations. In those worlds, you don’t make it if you don’t know intelligence or how to use to achieve difficult and important goals.

Our personnel can work with your organization to develop or improve your existing Corporate Intelligence, Private Intelligence or Competitive Intelligence capabilities. There are significant differences between the Intelligence Community and the Private Sector, but the most fundamental and important basics are very similar.

Also, the tools used to achieve goals in Corporate Intelligence are now very similar to those used by the Military Industrial Complex.

Corporate Intelligence 1

Please contact us for a consultation on how our Intelligence Team can increase your capabilities through the purchase and use of advanced technology combined with an expert team of professionals to train your employees on methodologies proven to produce results.

With this technology and our experts training your people, you’ll be collecting the best information and turning it into Actionable Intelligence. We offer turn-key solutions we can provide to give you an advanced fusion capability to provide both security and intelligence you can use to become more competitive and safer in the marketplace.