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Child Support

Our Private Investigators are experienced and prepared to assist you in your Child Support case. Whether you are owed back Child Support or believe an ex-significant other may be violating a Court Order or agreed upon contract, you have a right to the truth. Our Licensed Private Detectives will provide you the answers you need.

Child Support


Members of our Investigative Team come from a variety of backgrounds, including the Private Sector, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military. This experience has led to the development of a truly exceptional group who approach each case with the utmost professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. But we also provide support to our clients and are a compassionate Firm. Securing our services gives you peace of mind.

Our legal system does the best it can, but there are often times it cannot keep up with a deadbeat parent or track assets being purposefully hidden to decrease obligations. We can help identify the location of the parent in default of their Child Support. Our Licensed Professional Investigators can find hidden assets that will mean more money for your child.

Even if you know firsthand or have strong suspicions about some of the information you need to present back to the court, to your attorney or present in legal proceedings, the information will need to be verified and admissible.


The Child Support Private Investigator we assign to your case will always ensure the information we collect is properly documented, analyzed and then officially recorded in reports that are excellent evidence in civil or other legal cases.


There are some very large and predatory companies currently offering Child Support recovery services. These companies may find the other parent and you may get paid; however, they’ll often take 34% of every check, which means 34% of every dime owed to your child.


When you hire a Private Investigator for a Child Support case, you pay for services and are finished. It doesn’t keep going like it does with these companies that are essentially just collection agencies.


Our Firm has experience working with Attorneys and can work with your Family Law representation as required. In fact, in some cases it may be beneficial for a potential client to hire us through their Lawyer, but this decision is completely yours. We have experience working cases in both scenarios. What matters most is delivering timely, accurate and useable information concerning your Child Support case.

Child Support 1


Government agencies do offer some support for Child Support recovery and these options may produce results for you. In these cases, there are mixed outcomes and the time it takes can drag out since these organizations have competing priorities, a heavy caseload and a finite budget.


When you retain our services for a Child Support Private Investigator, you get a dedicated team working your case and providing you tailored support with results you can use.


After you contact us and we begin your case, we’ll develop a comprehensive profile of the non-custodial parent. We’ll conduct an interview with you and any other friendly witnesses that can add substance to the case file.


GreenVets employs dedicated intelligence analysts who support our Private Detectives in their field operations from our Headquarters outside of McKinney, Texas. Our all-source analysts and field operatives are in constant communication sharing information and passing additional leads obtained from our secure digital sources.

We combine human intelligence obtained from our Private Investigators with advanced digital data to produce detailed and high quality reports.


No two cases are the same and yours is no exception. We’ll provide solutions specific to your needs to allow you to recover outstanding Child Support. The investigative plan we develop for you may include Surveillance and an Asset Investigation. A Locate Investigation is often necessary to find the non-custodial parent.


In some cases, the parent may be just living a normal life and just choosing not to pay their obligation. These “on the grid” cases can be easier to solve.

Conversely, there are non-custodial parents living more “off the grid” and these cases can be more difficult. Both cases require care and attention and we can help in nearly any situation.

We sometimes see parents working off the books or under the table to hide income. This can include working for good friends or relatives who may pay in cash or in such a way the parent can hide their income.


In some cases, the custodial parent may not be living up to conditions set forth in a court order or legal agreement. If this is the case, you, as a non-custodial parent, have rights and deserve to have them protected. We always seek the truth and our services can assist you as well.

Child Support 2


Our Child Support Private Investigators have worked throughout the State of Texas. Our primary area of operations is North Texas, with the Firm’s Flagship Office located outside of McKinney and another office in Plano. While we operate in multiple surrounding counties, many of our cases are investigated in Collin County, including Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Allen as well as the nearby communities of Richardson, The Colony, Carrollton, Addison, Lewisville and others. We can handle cases throughout the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Area and surrounding counties.

You may still have questions about these services and that’s ok. Just contact us via phone or e-mail and you’ll receive a personalized, confidential and free consultation with a Licensed Professional Investigator.

Alimony / Spousal Maintenance

If you believe your ex-spouse is not living up to legal requirements mandated by a court or contract, please contact us immediately to receive the funds you are entitled to.


If you believe an ex-spouse is in violation of a court order or legal agreement, please contact us immediately to provide the relief you are entitled to.