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We will help you solve problems associated with your Divorce Case. Retaining the services of a Private Detective can be critical in a contested proceeding. This is a hard time in your life and we can make a difference. Our Divorce Private Investigators are compassionate and they can get you started and then guide you through the process of using a Licensed Professional Investigator to assist in your case.



Several of our Team members have been impacted by Divorce in one way or another. We understand a Spouse and Children can be devastated through the process. Our team will be your advocate in finding the truth and protecting your interests is our mandate.

We have worked cases for both mothers and fathers. Also, our firm employs both Male and Female personnel to handle one-on-one interactions with clients and also get the person in the field who makes the most sense for each situation. No two cases are the same and therefore we offer tailored solutions. Ultimately we want to protect both you and your children while maximizing your right to custody.

In our experience, Divorce can cause people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t. If your spouse is acting erratically and potentially endangering you, your child and your property, you need to take action.

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Our investigations ensure you have the best opportunity to get the information you need to be used in civil and other legal proceedings. Our team will collect, document and report information that can end up as critical evidence in your Divorce Proceeding. You have to ask yourself every time, “Is it admissible in court”? This is what we bring to the equation; information is evidence and it wins out nearly every time.


So many cases hinge on a “he said”, “she said” pivot point. With evidence collected by our team, you’ll have an edge. Eyewitness and qualified testimony from an Investigator working your case can carry significant weight in court or similar proceeding.

Our Firm deals with Attorneys, including Family Law Attorneys, frequently and we can coordinate directly with your representation as you see fit. In fact, we may request you secure our services through your Lawyer in order to offer you the highest degree of protection possible in your case. Ultimately, the decision is yours and we’ll respect it either way. Your safety, confidentiality and well-being are our first priority.


As part of our tailored package, we’ll consult with you on all the background associated with the case. This will enable the personnel we assign to be as prepared as possible to give you the support you need. We will be in contact with you throughout the process and keep you informed.


The investigator we assign your case will be dedicated to it for as long as the investigation is open. When the investigator is engaged with your case and conducting active operations, we can guarantee they will have no other responsibilities or cases during that time. Our promise is to provide dedicated service with integrity.


After we have gathered the facts of the case, our headquarters staff will work with your Private Detective to develop an investigative plan. What do we know, what do we think we know, what do we need to uncover and what can we document and prove; these are questions we’ll ask every time.


Typically, we’ll gather intelligence from available digital resources and secure data sources while developing a Surveillance plan to document the ground truth. Hard facts and hard evidence can turn the tide and surveillance is critical to getting this information.

As we conduct surveillance, dedicated analysts at our Headquarters will review available documents and digital data obtained from background searches and other intelligence resources.

Through this process our team will develop leads for witnesses who can support your case. Our Divorce Private Investigators will attempt to secure witness statements on your behalf to strengthen your position in legal proceedings.

Finding social workers and obtaining available information can be critical to a case. The use of forensic accountants capable of discovering inconsistencies in asset declarations has proven results as well.


We’ve seen some cases where the opposing Spouse may attempt to hide assets from a client. Whether real property, vehicles, expensive electronics or other valuables, our research team will work with your case manager to ascertain the nature and location of these hidden assets and this information is automatically included in our findings.

We’ll take into consideration whether or not your child is with your spouse during questionable activity. Is your spouse cohabitating with another person? Who is that person and what is their character, their history? What is the current employment situation with your spouse and what is their current income? What are the living conditions like?

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As the case matures and moves forward, we’ll begin to prepare a formal report for you. This professional record of the case will be provided to you at the completion of our investigation and will be wholly confidential. You can then share this detailed report of findings with your Divorce Attorney, or if we are working directly for the attorney, both parties will receive a copy.

Experience is an important issue in every case we work and is of the utmost importance to all clients. Our guarantee to you is to always assign a qualified professional to your case. Our personnel come from a diverse set of backgrounds in the Private Sector, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military.


We have two former Counterintelligence Special Agents on staff who oversee an extensive training program for our other investigators who themselves have very impressive resumes. You can always count on having some of the most qualified personnel in Texas on your case.


GreenVets has extensive experience throughout the State of Texas and have worked for years in North Texas, often in Collin County. Our office in Plano and Headquarters northeast of McKinney allow us to service Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Richardson, The Colony, Carrollton, Addison, Lewisville, Farmers Branch and most other areas of North Texas. We have taken many cases across the State of Texas and can travel to meet our client’s needs.

Please contact us as soon as possible via phone or e-mail so we can get started and get the information and evidence you need. It’s ok to be hesitant or have additional concerns after reading this. We’ll help you through it and do everything we can to answer all the questions and concerns you may have. You will be speaking directly to a Licensed Professional Investigator.

Child Custody

Child Custody investigations often parallel Divorce cases or are investigated as the same. Most of the information we provided above on Divorce investigations is applicable to cases like this is.

Of course there are situations where we are called upon to investigate issues associated with Child Custody even after a Divorce is finalized. In these cases, our investigative steps looking into the now ex-spouse or ex-significant other will also mirror those described in the section above. Given no two cases are the same, we will provide a full consultation with you to develop the best investigative plan possible to discover and document the truth.

Child Custody


Please contact GreenVets as soon as possible so we can begin the process of helping you in your Child Custody case. Our Private Investigators are experienced in assisting in these types of situations.