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Child Abduction

If your child has been taken, you need to seek help immediately. Obviously, Law Enforcement should be contacted right away and their resources and expertise can be critical in safely recovering your child. GreenVets will never interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation, but our Private Investigators can assist the family and Law Enforcement.

Child Abduction


As Law Enforcement works the case, our Private Detectives will work to gather all available information from the family and other interested parties. In any investigation, speed is important; however, in Abduction cases, speed is even more critical. The quicker a case comes to resolution, the greater the chance your Child is recovered safely. The more support you have, the greater the chance of success.


As Law Enforcement casts its net and pursues leads, our Licensed Professional Investigators will continue to gather all of the intelligence we can on the case.

We have found one of the biggest issues in cases such as these is the fact there is so much information coming in, but no single entity is able to keep it straight – We can keep it all in order and have real world experience doing this in high stress situations.


GreenVets Headquarters outside of McKinney, Texas is staffed with dedicated intelligence analysts who support all of our field operations and our Private Detectives. As our field personnel receive information, they get it quickly back to our All-Source Analysts who develop a common operating picture of the investigation.


What do we know, how do we know it, what do we think, how can we prove it, where’s the next lead? These are all questions to be worked by both field personnel and our analysts.


Our team is comprised of former Law Enforcement, Specialized Private Sector Fields and U.S. Military members. This diverse set of backgrounds has uniquely prepared us to support you in cases such as these. Our former Credentialed Special Agents have conducted Counterintelligence Investigations and operations throughout the world. They’ll bring this expertise and attention to detail to your Abduction case.


Whether, the Child Abduction was carried out by an unidentified party, an identified party or even a family member or parent, GreenVets will be there for you. These cases can involve:

  • Parental or close family abduction
  • Traditional kidnapping
  • Sex, pornography or human trafficking


In every case we take, the support we provide our client is of the utmost importance. We see our clients as people and understand the need for both compassion and professionalism. We come to you with both and will support you throughout the case and after.

While we collect, analyze, record and disseminate information back to you, we can also act as a liaison between you and all manner of Law Enforcement.

Child Abduction 1


In an abduction case, we recommend the involvement of as many Law Enforcement agencies as possible in order to bring all their resources into your case.

This includes local, state and national organizations. The FBI should be involved in the case if they aren’t already.

We also work with Family Attorneys through difficult times.


There are a wide array of Child Abduction types and every investigation will differ from the next. Our Private Investigators employ consistent investigative techniques that endure through any investigation. We then take the nuances and differences for each case and tailor our investigative plan to that specific situation.


Law Enforcement may have access to sensitive Electronic Surveillance methods they can use to assist in the recovery of your child. One of the first questions we usually ask people is where does the information come from that allows these methods to be employed.

The key piece of data used to break the case wide open often comes from a single document, a statement from an interviewed witness, an e-mail or text uncovered by investigators. Private Detectives can use their expertise to ensure all Witnesses or persons of interest are thoroughly interviewed and the information gained is used to further the case.

Photographs, video, audio and other electronic media may break a case and all of these data sources must be reviewed by professionals.

Have background checks been conducted on relevant parties?

Does one Law Enforcement entity know what the other has done or is doing? The phrase the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing comes to mind. This goes back to the Common Operating Picture our Firm can provide to the family and to Law Enforcement.


There is no single party that will have all the answers or provide the magic bullet to solve a Child Abduction case. It really is a team effort and our Licensed Professional Investigators stand ready to support you in your time of need. Please contact us immediately if you are involved in a case such as this and we’ll respond right away.

Child Abduction 2


GreenVets is fully registered, bonded, insured and board licensed to operate anywhere in the State of Texas and we have access to an extensive network of vetted Investigative Professionals should the case move across state lines or national boundaries. From our McKinney Office to our Plano Office, we are prepared to answer the call. While we primarily operate throughout North Texas and areas around Collin County, our personnel have experience working in all regions of Texas. We frequently have personnel working in the communities of Plano, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, Richardson, Carrollton, Addison, Lewisville and Allen.

Our Firm has specialized and extensive background in working International Investigations. If your case takes us overseas, we are more than prepared to take action on your behalf.

Our firm is a member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), The National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) and the World Association of Detectives.

Runaway Investigations

Please reference the section above on Child Abductions before reading further. Runaway Investigations can often be undetermined in the initial phases of the case. Our Private Investigators may be called in to work what appears to be a Child Abduction case and it could turn into a Runaway Investigation, or even a Runaway case that turns into a Child Abduction Investigation after runaway is kidnapped. These cases can often lead to Human Trafficking Investigations.

Runaway Investigations

Missing Persons / Human Trafficking Investigations

The scale of Missing Persons and exploited people in America today is underreported and underappreciated by many of our countrymen. People go missing every day and from all walks of life. Often when an adult disappears, a family is left with only questions and no answers. Did they leave on their own accord? Will they come back? Did they just need some time to themselves? The family may ask these questions and Law Enforcement may also ask the same.

This can often lead to Law Enforcement opening a case per the request of the family, but they may lack the time, the will or budget and resources to spend any substantial time working the case if they believe it may not involve foul play.

Missing Persons


If you suspect any type of criminal activity in the case of a missing loved one, please contact us via phone or e-mail immediately. We are available 24/7 to handle these cases and will put you in contact with one of our Licensed Professional Investigators.


Missing Person cases can turn into a criminal case and sometimes point towards indications of Human Trafficking. The case can also end up as a more traditional Adult Kidnapping. Regardless of the type of Missing Person case you have, we can help.

We urge you to review the Child Abduction section above to get a comprehensive idea of the investigative activity we’ll carry out on your behalf. There is much to understand and realize when reading the section above. Those case types are as much about gathering data in one place, analyzing it as it is pure field operations. Our Full Service Private Security and Investigations Firm offers total solutions.

Adult Kidnapping

We treat these investigations in nearly the identical manner to a Child Abduction case. Please see above as the investigative process is so similar.