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Cell Phone Exploitation (Mobile Device)

Our cell phones are our lives. We may hate to admit this, but it is the hard truth. They occupy a disturbing amount of our time and store nearly our whole life inside. Convenience usually comes at a price. Our Private Investigators are familiar with Cell Phone Forensics and Mobile Device Exploitation. Coming from backgrounds in Law Enforcement, U.S. Military and Specialized Private Sector Fields, our Private Detectives understand the important of Sensitive Site Exploitation and what it can mean to a case

Cell Phone Exploitation


Our personnel have conducted sensitive operations in Texas and multiple countries around the world where a Cell Phone has made all the difference in a case. Getting to it and getting the information can be critical.


With that said, we must emphasize here that exploiting a cell phone may not be an option in every case. Our Firm abides by the law and will not carry out Cell Phone or Mobile Device Forensics if not authorized. The same applies for any digital or computer forensic activities performed by our personnel.


From basic to advanced interrogation of a Cell Phone or Mobile Device, our Licensed Professional Investigator Forensic Technicians can determine and recover:

  • Call activity, including dialed, received and missed calls. We can also determine call times and durations.
  • Full contact lists, complete with phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, URL / website addresses, names, associations, friends, family and other important data.
  • Full social media profiles, connections, messages, posts and activity.
  • Text messages with full text and times.
  • E-mail accounts, including full text of sent, received, draft, junk, trash and deleted e-mails.
  • Video call logs, contacts and activity associated with apps such as FaceTime or Skype.
  • Photographs, video and audio files.
  • Browser history and activity, including bookmarks, favorites and saved pages.
  • Maps, locational data and GPS data.
  • Use of apps and associated saved files.
  • Notes and Calendar Data.
  • Many times files assumed to be deleted, trashed or erased can be recovered.
  • Financial Data.
  • Health Data.
  • Hobbies, likes, dislikes, general pattern of life, shopping and purchasing activity.

Ideally, our Firm will be retained by a client to legally access a Cell Phone or a Mobile Device that has not been tampered with or otherwise modified. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the device in order to enable any collected information to be used as evidence in any potential civil or criminal matters.

This is our goal in every single investigation we conduct and we take chain of custody and admissibility of evidence quite seriously.

Mobile Device

If you can legally access a Cell Phone or Mobile Device, it could significantly change the course of a civil or criminal proceeding; however, remember this equation can break both ways. Ensure you are prepared for the discovery process and know the device may hold information relevant to both sides’ Pre-Litigation or Trial Preparation efforts.


Other terms associated with this activity are Ripping a Phone or conducting CELLEX. It is sometimes affiliated with the field of Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX), as are Computer Forensics and other Electronic Media Exploitation operations. Other peripherals, SIM Cards, or storage media associated with the Mobile Device may be Forensically Exploitable as well.

Computer Forensics

We’ve covered general Technical Investigations and Cell Phone / Mobile Device Exploitation in the two sections above. Before continuing in this section, please read through both of the previous sections to familiarize yourself with the basic process. While the tools, hardware, software and methods used to extract and document the data may be different, the basic premise of the exploitation is similar for Computers when compared to Mobile Devices.

While portable and Mobile Devices may contain some of the most sensitive data in our lives, computers can process and store many times more information. This is a critical point.


If someone is able to forensically exploit a computer or other electronic device and copy gigabytes or terabytes of data, that is great, it can make or break an investigation.

The flip side to this equation is you must be able to use this information. Going through gigabytes and terabytes of information can be exhaustive, time consuming and expensive work.

A Digital Forensics Expert with years of experience in this field, can provide you the edge you need. So they can identifying the best methods to sort through the data in the most efficient manner possible.

Computer Forensics

They will even have proprietary tools and systems to automate portions of this process.