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Trial Preparation

Our Private Investigators are detail oriented and skilled in Trial Preparation and Pre-Litigation Preparation. Our personnel will work with an Attorney and their team to gather raw information and then prepare it as evidence for court or a legal proceeding. Given our Private Detectives are recruited from Law Enforcement, specialized Private Sector fields and the US Military, our personnel are intimately familiar with the need for mistake free information gathering and documentation.


Trial Preparation


No case is too large or small. We’ll be with you from the start to the finish. Our Licensed Professional Investigators will work with your legal team to:

  • Gather and process evidence while looking to add as much useable evidence as possible for your team. Evidence will give you an edge during trial or proceedings and our job is to provide you that edge.
  • If available to your legal team and relevant to the case, we will review all Law Enforcement information and anything they have on file. We will look for methods used by Law Enforcement to collect this evidence and compare this with established and best practices. Essentially, was their investigation both fair and fully legal.
  • In applicable cases, we contact and review material from the coroner, medical examiner, treating physicians, pathologists, emergency response personnel and others.
  • We develop timelines and determine a definite sequence of events. This simple task is so very important, yet can be overlooked in many investigations. Timelines have put people in jail or set them free. They have influenced what happened to large sums of money. A solid Trial Preparation Private Investigator will make this a priority every time.
  • Trial-preparation

  • Recreate the Crime Scene or Accident Scene.
  • Locate Witnesses.
  • Conduct Background Checks.
  • Conduct Witness Interviews and Vetting; Prepare Witness Testimony. Our investigators have conducted thousands of these interviews and know what to look for. You must be able to count on your witnesses and they have to be able to stand up to cross examination. People lie, even when they know they’ll get caught or it will come out. It’s human nature. Even if it isn’t wholly germane to a case, you can’t afford not to have a fully vetted and prepared witness. We’ll get them ready for you.
  • Liaison with and conduct interviews with Law Enforcement.
  • Carry out Asset Investigations and verification of assets.
  • Conduct any required Due Diligence Investigations.
  • No two cases are the same and our team will work each one differently. As required, our professionals will conduct traditional Surveillance, Electronic Surveillance, look at Financial Crimes, conduct Fraud Investigations, carry out Undercover Investigations, pursue Skip Traces, and conduct exploitation of cell phones, other mobile devices, internet activity, computers and any associated electronics.
  • Throughout this process our GreenVets will apply principals of Forensic Investigations (See Below). What does science say about the evidence and how does that impact your case? We can answer these questions. In some cases, there may be very specific and narrowly focused Forensic Investigation needs. In these cases, if we don’t have the required expert on our staff, we’ll reach out to one of our vetted strategic partners in the Private Investigations Community.
  • As the Trial Preparation progresses there will be situations where new information becomes available and we will re-loop to the top of this list and filter back down through. This is part of the natural life cycle of a thorough Trial Preparation.
  • Conduct in-depth Analysis of all available evidence. How does the evidence come together and does it make sense to the narrative of what occurred? Is it consistent and if not where are we finding the inconsistencies and why? Of note, our Firm has dedicated analysts located at our Headquarters outside of McKinney, Texas who will assist with all aspects of Trial Preparation and Pre-Litigation work.
  • We ask and answer tough questions; such as will the evidence stand up in court? Under the light of directed attack by the opposing counsel, will the evidence continue to shine true? We want you to know everything there is to know.
  • Create complete investigative reports and finalize them for trial or legal proceedings.

Ultimately, Trial Preparation and Pre-Litigation Preparation can make use of every service available to a Private Investigations Firm. As a full service Firm, we are confident in being able to get you what you need to win the case. When it comes to preparing for legal proceedings everything matters. This includes the credibility of the personnel collecting and preparing the evidence.

Our Private Investigators have years of experience conducting a wide-range of investigations in both Texas and around the world. Several members of our time have held Top Secret Security Clearances for over 15 years. GreenVets Training is handled by two former credentialed Counterintelligence Special Agents.

These two investigators ensure all of our team members are up-to-date on the most current practices and procedures. These former Agents worked in a field where a spy could go free if a single initial was left off a sworn statement or if electronic media wasn’t identified properly in the chain of custody.

When it comes time to present your case and call any of our Investigators to testify, you can be confident in their character, competence and professionalism.

Should any of the case work require any time abroad, our International Investigations team can assist with any overseas assignment.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest possible convenience via phone or e-mail. You will speak with one of our qualified and Licensed Professional Investigators. We can speak with you and answer any questions you may have and schedule a time for us to visit your office or you can visit us at our Plano, Texas location.

Criminal Defense

Our Private Investigators are prepared to handle any Criminal Defense Case you have, including Major Criminal Defense. Our team understands our judicial system and knows you need the best to prove your client’s innocence. Using the methodology outlined above on this page, we can work with your legal team to find a way to reasonable doubt and prove your client is innocent.

We have seen a disturbing trend in the United States Judicial System where Defendants are presumed guilty until they prove their innocence. This is a sad state of affairs and our Private Detectives will do everything possible to uncover the truth in every Criminal Defense case. Is there bias in the case on the part of Law Enforcement or the Prosecutor? We’ll help answer the question.


Criminal Defense


During the course of our investigation, our Licensed Professional Investigators will determine if there are alternate courses of action not previously identified for what may have occurred. Are there other possible parties involved or responsible?

We are prepared to assist your legal team with any case, including, but not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Narcotics and Drug Cases
  • Property Crimes, which includes Theft, Burglary and Larceny
  • DUI / DWI
  • Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Liquor Law Violations
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Robbery
  • Vandalism

Our promise is to make your job easier as an Attorney and free you up for other tasks at hand. We respect our Attorneys and the demands on their time. Contact one of our Licensed Professional Investigators at the earliest available opportunity via phone or e-mail to get the process started.

Civil Cases

Regardless of which side of the courtroom your clients find themselves, GreenVets is here to assist you. No matter the case, if you are representing them, call on us to assist you. We have you covered and will make your job easier. That’s what we are all about. We have experience supporting a wide range of cases in multiple jurisdictions in countries around the world.

Please review the steps we outline above on this page to familiarize yourself with our thought process and capabilities. We want you to understand our commitment to excellence and understand our relentless pursuit of perfection in our investigations.

Civil Cases can cover such a wide and expansive range of topics, we will not list them all here. No case is too complicated for us to handle and we urge you to contact us via phone or e-mail as soon as possible. A licensed Professional Investigator will work with you to determine the best way ahead so both our teams can integrate seamlessly.

Forensic Investigations

Forensic is the application of scientific knowledge, tests or methods used to detect or solve a crime or resolve a legal issue. This is one definition of many, but it makes a point. Our Private Investigators have used Forensic Investigations to successfully solve cases around the world. Applying science to Private Investigations is one of the most important things we do.


Forensic Investigations

Area of Operations:

We’ve outlined our investigative philosophy for you in detail. We hope you see the value we can provide and look forward to hearing from you. Our office in Plano, Texas serves clients in Collin County and other counties in North Texas. From our office there and our Headquarters outside of McKinney, Texas, we serve the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metro Area. While we can take cases across Texas and have operated in every region of the State, we commonly serve clients in our office locations as well as Frisco, Allen, The Colony, Carrollton, Richardson, Lewisville, Addison and beyond.